Get organized: In the kitchen with Taya

‘Flatpeach’ and ‘Super Nova’ Set, warm color baskets, our best friend in the kitchen

The kitchen may be one of the corners of your home that many people focus on so, Tayaliving has a tool to help you clean it up with Flatpeach and Super Nova Set.

The multi-functional baskets coming with various patterns and styles are the right choice from Taya Home which focuses on the concept of multiple applications. It is a basket that helps to organize dishes and bowls or a variety of kitchen equipment into a nice classification for easy use.

Flatpeach is available in beige, gray and black. The size is quite wide and large. Its side is high enough to contain a lot of things. Super Nova Set is a basket set consisting of 3 different styles of baskets. These lovely sizes are just right.

With their unique design and neutral colors, these baskets can be considered as another classic addition to any kitchen. They are also durable, waterproof, easy to clean and hard to get a scratch because they are made from 100% of PP material.