Full your home with handcrafted goods by Tayaliving

No matter what kind of lifestyle you have, you can have beautiful designs and high-quality handicrafts for daily use. For anyone who is looking for lifestyle products, a variety of home decoration handicrafts or something multi-functional that can be used at home, ‘Tayaliving’, is a new way of lifestyle brand which is beautiful and has a simple design fulled of artisan charm. It can be counted as the right choice that fixes usage problems, keeps the halo of local handicrafts and designs unique and look good products at the same time.

Every product from Tayaliving has a contemporary design coming with a variety of functional range from totes, baskets, coasters, and flowerpots to other large products – rugs which made from durable materials for the longest and worth using. 

For the uniqueness of the brand, it focuses on functional and multi-use purposes which can be adapted to every way of lifestyle. 

Credit to BKK.LIVING (translated from Thai version)