Frequently Asked Questions

All of our products are very durable and can withstand a fair amount of weight. Due to the way the material is constructed, the PP rope weave has been tightly stitched especially around the handles to ensure the extra durability.

All styles are made with unique design features. Depending on individuality and style, there is a style for everyone!

Millie is perfect as an everyday bag with long handles and spacious interior that will fit your laptop and other essentials comfortably

Cleo is the most durable design out of the three, with rounded handles for a comfortable grip, with an extra sturdy base to withstand heavy items

Alba comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, could be used handheld or crossbody, the ideal choice for those who’s looking for a flexible option

All Taya Totes are designed with a spacious interior compartment to hold everything from daily essentials to a day trip belongings. Depending on the model and size, a style like Cleo can easily be used as a grocery shopping bag.

Yes, all of our bags can get in contact with water. We do recommend leaving it out in the sun to dry.

Our price point reflect the quality that you will receive with all Taya products. Due to the relatively higher price of PP compared to natural materials. However, our products come with a long-lasting , durable and timeless style that will last you for a long time.

Our products can be easily wash with mild soap and soft headed brush. Gently rub and rinse off with water. Allow to dry in a ventilated area.