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About us


Tayaliving started as a vision to create a simple, timeless, and functional lifestyle brand that is truly aligned with modern day life. Inspired by the traditional techniques of Thai weaving, we have created and combined a range of innovative materials that reflects our brand’s identity.

Established 2020



PP pellets are made in China (raw material which is pretty much the same everywhere) and then get imported to Thailand gets processed into yarns.


Yarn gets processed into braided ropes.


The rope which gets constructed into products will come into a flat rope (the wire) inside rope as filler yarn is Recycled PP yarn has only in round rope.


Our unique material is woven from threads of durable polypropylene to create products which are low-maintenance and built to last. All of which are 100% recyclable.


Yarn is a textile commonly made of either animal-based fibers ), plant-based fibers, or synthetic fibers. These interlocked fibers come in a variety of colours and thicknesses.


The ropes we use are innovation produced in Thailand. 100% Polypropylene resin is melted and molded into ropes with fabric-like texture and higher durability than natural ropes. Unlike ropes made from natural fibers, Tayaliving’s products are resistant to tear, wear, water, and molds, recyclable, and long-lasting.